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CE Technologies, Inc. performs contract research and provides expert opinions using capillary electrophoresis.  The firm also provides training courses in the field for beginner through advanced scientists. A database containing over 30000 references is also available.

CE technologies solves the tough separation problems


CE Technologies, Inc. offers contract research and methods development utilizing modern instrumentation equipped with photodiode array detection. Dr. Weinberger is experienced in most forms of capillary electrophoresis including zone electrophoresis, electrokinetic chromatography, isoelectric focusing and size separations. Applications areas include proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, pharmaceuticals, chiral separations, pesticides, herbicides, vitamins, food additives, natural products, small ions and carbohydrates in a variety of sample matrices. The development of precise quantitative methods is a specialty of the firm.  


Dr. Weinberger is experienced in and provides expert opinions pertaining to technology, intellectual property, patent infringement and food or drug contamination.


Nothing beats an intensive short course to take you rapidly up the learning curve. This two day course has been offered at ACS National Meetings and many major international meetings or, it can be presented in-house at your site. The course teaches HPCE from a phenomenologic basis. You learn and understand how ions move in fluid solution under various conditions. From this introduction, you quickly the basis of electrophoresis and how to develop and optimize methods.

2018 Course Dates

January 22   Tel Aviv    Isranalytica 2018

Please contact Dr. Weinberger for in-house training, either in-person or by Webinar.

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A bibliography on CD or download file containing over 30000 English language references (most with abstracts) is available utilizing the popular EndNote software package. The software is compatible with most word processors for automatic referencing of papers, theses or books. The price is $350.00 payable by check or PayPal.